Wednesday, 21 February 2007


It is upon us......There is no going back.....It is the

Savage Stag Invitational Golf Weekend

Four days of golf intermingled with some Indian food, Pokeyoke, and vast amounts of varied alcohol.....Ding Ding..Let's get it on.

So first of all, where are we playing? Well tomorrow, (Thursday) is going to be a warm up round for those in desperate need of the practice. It's at a small but chalenging little Muni known as Allerton in Liverpool. And here is me and fellow golfing Legend, Greg.

On Friday we are really treating ourselves with a visit to the wonderful Nefyn And District Golf Club in Wales.

Saturday sees the happy band head out to Pennant Park Golf Club in Holywell.

And finally Sunday ends the golfing stag do at Pryors Hayes Golf Club near Wrexham.

And this leaves only the players who will be partaking in this special tournament....And there are even trophies now.

In no particular order..........

Representing Bidston, and sponsored by Create UK, On the Tee,

Mr Greg Walker
Age - Unidentified
Job - Very Important Chap with a big swivelly chair.
Handicap - 24

Distinguishing feature - A unique two phase swing that when executed well can result in blistering drives, but when it goes wrong Greg usually hits the nearest pylon.

Representing Royal Tranmere

Mr Matty Lane (& Mr Matty Lane)
Age - Youthful yet knowledgable
Job - Technology expert and top spark
Handicap - 26

Distinguishing features - Matty Lane is capable of hitting a ball over 300 yards with his new sasquatch club. Unfortunately Matty's other half, Matty, has lost his memory, so we are concerned if he will remember to turn up.

Representing Stoneycroft

Mr Dave Campbell
Age - Open to offers
Job - Bad Man Catcher & part time snoozer
Handicap - 22

Distinguishing features - Dave is a keen lover of the woods. Be it off the tee, off the fairway from 200 yards plus, and indeed 15 to 20 yards from the green. He loves them. Dave has also transformed and revised the "chopping" golf action from the mid rough.

Representing Liscard

Mr Steve Palmart
Age - A mere snip of a lad
Job - Upsetting every other golfer with his swing
Handicap - 7 (There is already murmors of disapproval)

Distinguishing Features - Most definately the real deal golfer on our comp. This fella can hit a ball out of the course. And the rest of his game aint to shabby either. His down side is that he says he would do strange things to a Mr Steven Gerrard.....Very strange.

Representing Higher Tranmere

Mr Mark "Pigeon Boy" Allen
Age - 9
Job - he is still at school obviously!
Handicap - 22

Distinguishing Features - Where does one start? Has vastly improved his all round game over the past few months. Continuously hides new slinky golf outfits from his good lady...Joke Ali! Is tomorrow getting me up early so that we can go to get him a new driver at the Early Learning Centre. His downfulls are the massive amounts of red wine he will consume between games.

There are indeed a handful of further players who will be joining us, including:

From Tranmoire and sponsered by Cleanline, DR Robbie Davin [H26]

From North of the border all the way from Dundee, Mr Ellis Lawrence [H25]

From Chester and best man of the fella above, Mr (I'm not sure of his name) H?]

I am now going to bed on the eve of this exciting tournament, and will publish pics and scores after the weekend. I am expecting Pigeon Boy to be knocking on my door at any minute pissing himself with excitement.
I would like to thank everyone who is involved, and I wish you the best of luck.
Cheers Boys.

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Anonymous said...

Haaaa. And another ha for good measure. This pic of man with basket hat cum japanese warrior look is great. Even thou i dont know matty, i too am deeply worried about his other half matty- maybe that should be called glossy:) funniest site come across in ages- from surrealist artist and wirral personage herself lady jasmine Maddock. and crazy toy videos Golf!