Wednesday, 7 February 2007


Well, it's quite possible, although I have to admit, much against my better judgement I think it probably has more to do with my unavoidable and ever increasing years. Something that without a doubt, comes to us all.

My Dad, (great philosopher of the South East) says, "It's either going to rain or get dark before the morning". And it is with this ever advancing realisation that I am beginning to accept my destiny.

I have for many years now wondered why I don't score as many goals at the footie on Friday night. In the same arena I have begun to accept the occasional visit to the Doctor's surgery after a particularly lengthy hill walk, whereas a few years back I would have taken a couple of paracetamol and gone back in a few days and repeated the trek.

I think this somewhat sombre blog entry was prompted by my buddy and best man, Mr White Rover of Stoneycroft, and his tale of the return to the early morning cycling routine.

I have a reasonably up to date free weights bench in my back bedroom that I have convinced myself on a twice monthly basis for the past eight months, that I will hammer it three times a week.............Hmmmmmmm. It also doubles up as a fantastic clothes horse.

Oh well, away with all this talk of dilapidated and aching muscles and joints......Lets have a few photos of me doing some wild activities and proving to myself primarily that I am still worthy of a little recreation......
Here you can see me falling into a river after hanging onto a particularly slippery gorge...oohherr

Ascending a rocky crag in the welsh hills...International man of action.....I'm convincing myself..

Jumping into the sea from a rocky peak on Anglsey......5.6 for the entry....4.2 for artistic merit...

And as the great man Weller says...this is me going underground in an old lead mine....cold.wet..

I suppose I could always take up golf....That's suppose to be a sport of the old and insane....Hang on a minute...I already play. Me and Wogan are becoming ever more the same person, except he only works for two hours a day and takes more holidays than I am actually at work.....Something to work towards for the future maybe?
Please keep a look out for the fourth coming Stag Golf weekend that is taking place in the near future..I'm sure that it will produce some Blog worthy stories.
Well, i think I have convinced myself that perhaps I still got it in some very small degree. And with those limping skeletons banished to the back of my mind, I'm off for a radox bath, as my hamstring is a tad on the tight side today.......

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mark allen said...

ah a true man of international adventure and mystery.
anyone who can pull of the old crappy red poncho and silly hard hat has my vote for the next bond , move over daniel craig , the savage is after your seat .

some quality snaps fella , and this month will truley be legendary